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Paintball Fury Kenya

Kenya’s Number one paintball Company with 5 of the biggest and most popular paintball
venues to choose from we pride ourselves on giving our customers the very best paintballing experiences in Kenya.

What We Offer

Kenya’s Number one paintball Company with 5 of the biggest and most popular paintball
venues to choose from we pride ourselves on giving our customers the very best paintballing experiences in Kenya.

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Looking for fun for a large group of people? We organise competitive tournaments involving accuracy and speed within Nairobi and outside of Nairobi places as far as Mombasa, Naivasha. Get in touch and organize your own paintball tournament. Whether you are looking to spark up a competitive edge for your squad, to settle a score or an excuse to shoot your friends.

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Team Building

Team work makes the dream work. Having fun together is incredibly important for staff morale, retention and productivity. The great thing about paintballing is that it’s a wonderful ‘leveller’ – it doesn’t need any particular sporting ability, and it’s possible for men and women, as well as people of all ages and all levels of fitness to participate on an equal footing.


Paintball Supply

Paintball Fury Kenya stocks the largest range of paintballs for sale available. Our paintballs are in all grades, including Field, Foundation, Tournament and Pro from different manufacturers. We have Paintballs for sale in bulk to save time and money for those who already know what they want.

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Target Shooting

Our interactive shooting range will help you to understand some of the finer points of sights, Adjusting your aim to hit the bulls eye. There are a lot of shooting drills to play with your semi-automatic marker PaintballFury is  the right place to show your shooting skills. You will also have a trainer as well.


Marker Servicing

We have trained and certified tech’s for all major markers. We service all makes and models of paintball guns. As long as parts are available for your marker our experienced technicians can fix it! If you have a problem just give us a call. Our goal is to get you back on the playing field as quickly and affordably as possible


Outside Set Up

We have experience in setting up successful paintball fields. whether your looking to set up an engaging brand activation for your customer or a private space.With our new inflatable obstacles we can easily come to you. Give Paintball Fury a call and within 2hours you can have a full field setup.

Our Rates

We have a simple pricing policy with no hidden extras. The Fee includes the following: 


Paintball marker

Easy-to-use semi-automatic marker that delivers reliable performance, loaded with 100  paintballs


1Hr 30Min

Enjoy 1hr 30 minutes of adrenaline pumping session with friends.


Safety Goggles 

Full head protection and anti-fog lenses 


Body Armour 

Designed to protect your upper torso 


waterfront (50 Paintballs)


Waterfront (100 Paintballs)


Waterfront (150 paintballs)

M Pesa


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Outside Set Up


Brand Activation

Book with Us Today 

Whether you are looking for a company day out, an excuse to shoot your friends or
perhaps a special birthday event,  
PaintballFury  is always the first point of call.


Our Contacts

Paintball Fury Kenya  has paintball centres conveniently located throughout Kenya, all easily accessible via main roads. Each paintball centre is located in a beautiful, unspoilt and heavily wooded landscape.
Find a paintball centre closest to you.

Paintball Fury Purdy Arms

Tel: 0745655250
Buy Good Number: 89671

Paintball Fury
GP Karting

Tel: +254 20 6008444 /5
Cell: +254 733 666 333

Paintball Fury
Chaka Ranch

Tel: 0719 242 897 

Paintball Fury

Tel: 0721485247

Paintball Fury

Tel: 0711 112 233

Paintball Fury

Tel: 0745655250
Buy Good Number: 89671


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